A Samsung Galaxy S5 concept we could get behind

galaxy s5 unofficial concept

Samsung’s next-generation of Galaxy S smartphones is likely but a few months off so that means it’s time to open up the floodgates. We’ve already heard details, rumors, and leaks pertaining to the sure-fire hit device; plenty of uncertainty and conjecture surrounds the phone.

Today sees us learning of a conceptual render of the Galaxy S5 from a guy (Raphael) who put together a 3D video of what could constitute the upcoming flagship. Is some of it rather ? Maybe. Far-fetched and totally out the realm of possibility? Probably not.

Features and details conceptualized in the video include: New design, physical home button, flexible display technology, 16 mega-pixel camera, 4K video.

We’re not saying to expect any of these in the Galaxy S5 but don’t be surprised if we get at least a few of these features.

Via AndroidGuys