Samsung Galaxy S4 Loses Half of its Resale Value since April Release

cooper_searchA new report from gadget recycling comparison site CompareMyMobile, shows that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has lost almost half of its trade-in value since its release. The device has seen a value drop of 176 GBP, from 406 GBP to 230 GBP, since April this year.

The Android Tech Trade-in Report shows that this leaves the smartphone second in the list of Android devices which lost the most value throughout 2013.

Top 5 Android devices which lost the most value this year:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S Giorgio: -£196.01*
  2. Samsung Galaxy S4: -£176*
  3. Samsung Galaxy S2: -£145*
  4. HTC Amaze 4G: -£136*
  5. Samsung Galaxy S3: -£119.26*

*Value depreciation between 01/01/2013 (or from device release date) to 18/12/2013 on CompareMyMobile. Live prices are subject to change.

android trade in value

Samsung devices dominated the list of top traded-in Android smartphones, with all top 5 traded-in Android devices coming from the manufacturer.

Top 5 Traded-in Android smartphones 2013:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S3 – 5.92 percent*
  2. Samsung Galaxy S2 i900 – 5.15 percent*
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – 1.53 percent*
  4. Samsung Galaxy S4 – 1.34 percent*
  5. Samsung Galaxy S i9000 – 1.1 percent*

*Average percentage share of all Android trade-ins in 2013. Data collected by CompareMyMobile from 01/01/2013 – 18/12/2013.

Interestingly, the Galaxy S4 has made it on to the list of top traded-in Android devices for 2013, despite having a later release date than other devices on the list. Experts from the site say that the device being so high in the list of top traded in Android phones could explain why it has lost so much re-sale value this year – as recyclers will often reduce prices to control the number of devices sent in to them.

avg share of trade-ins

Samsung smartphones actually made up a huge 19.75 percent of all trade-ins on the site, topping the leader board of top brands traded-in this year, followed by HTC and Sony.

Top 5 Traded-in Brands 2013:

  1. Samsung – 19.75 percent*
  2. HTC – 7.31 percent*
  3. Sony – 2.61 percent*
  4. Sony Ericsson – 2.2 percent*
  5. Google – 0.86 percent*

*Average brand trade-in market share on CompareMyMobile from 01/01/2013 – 18/12/2013

Overall, Android trade-ins made a total of 33.68 percent of all trade-ins on CompareMyMobile in 2013.

highest trade-ins

The report also shows that the average trade-in value of an Android device has dropped from 87.34 GBP in January to 79.40 GBP in December this year.

avg value

Sony’s Android devices have the highest average value at 95.06 GBP, closely followed by Google’s with 78.65 GBP and Samsung’s with an average value of 75.41 GBP.

Top Brands with the Highest Average Device Value:

  1. Sony: 95.06 GBP*
  2. Google: 78.65 GBP*
  3. Samsung: 75.41 GBP*
  4. HTC: 68.78 GBP*
  5. Sony Ericsson: 31.05 GBP*

*Average device value on CompareMyMobile from 01/01/2013 – 18/12/2013

The report shows that Sony is actually gaining trade-in value on CompareMyMobile – devices from across the brand have seen an increase of 134.79 percent. The overall increase could be due to new releases this year such as Sony’s Xperia Z1 smartphone. Similarly, Samsung has also seen an overall increase in the trade-in value of its smartphones – possibly due to the release of devices such as the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 earlier in 2013, which offer higher trade-in prices.
The top three Android brands losing trade-in value are T-Mobile, Motorola and Sony Ericsson which have lost 64.47 percent, 58.61 percent and 49.41 percent respectively. This could be due to lack of device releases this year.

2013 Round Up

Overall it seems that, in 2013, Samsung has dominated the Android trade-in market in a number of ways. A storm of new releases has not only increased the overall average trade-in value, but also ensured that it is the top traded-in brand as people sell to upgrade to new models.

This manufacturer is not the only one starting to roll out a number of new smartphones though – we’re still expecting to see a lot more from HTC and Sony next year. Could this effect Samsung’s dominance? CompareMyMobile say it will be interesting to see in 2014.

Author bio: Sami Colenutt is a tech and Android enthusiast from the South Coast of England – always armed with her Galaxy S4.