Samsung Galaxy S III rumors continue to run wild

galaxy s3Another day, another Galaxy SIII rumor. This one comes from DigiTimes, who's spilled the beans that the Galaxy S III will be featuring a 4.6-inch Super AMOLED+ HD screen and 319ppi (pixels-per-inch) at 1280×720 pixels. It's interesting that, according to DigiTimes, the SIII won't be featuring a PenTile display, which we saw on the Galaxy Nexus. Instead, it will be using regular RGB, so there will be a slight difference.

A quick recap of the most recent rumors points to several main points. We heard that the phone has already gone through production, which means the design is finalized. We've also seen the SIII render, which is exciting, but probably fake as well. We're also hearing that it will feature Samsung's own processor with built-in LTE support, and that it'll be the first phone to offer wireless charging out of the box. The latest rumors put the launch of the Galaxy SIII somewhere in April.

As far as we know, the device could launch tomorrow, so these latest rumors only add fuel to the already burning fire. When the SIII does drop, we can be sure that Samsung will spare no expense on the advertising.

So who else is tired of all the Galaxy SIII rumors? Anyone not even excited about it anymore? Sound off in the comments!

Via: AndroidGuys