Samsung Galaxy Note

1Students and business people with the Samsung Galaxy
are fortunate to experience the Android operating system. It is more than a smart phone, yet not quite a tablet. It's a hybrid, light weight and easy to use and a great tool for students those already in the workforce.

The phone operates over the 4G network, has an 8 megapixel digital camera, can be used for video calling, and comes with 32,768 MB of storage expandable via smart card to another 32 GB. However, it’s most impressive and most instantly noticeable feature is its size.

With its candy bar style, generous 5.3 inch display screen and great resolution, this hybrid device has attracted the attention of the medical community for its utility in helping users with vision problems. The benefits of reducing eye strain are certainly applicable to those constantly viewing electronic screens, from those working in information technology to college students.


While the phone also serves as a tablet, it weighs in at less than 4.5 ounces. The touch screen is bright and works well with a stylus making note-taking a breeze. The keyboard is generous too, allowing for easy typing.

The Android OS and multi-data functions makes the Samsung Gallery Note an ideal pick for students needing a quick-fix to note-taking and business professionals scheduling meetings and follow up reminders.

Although the Android OS is newer than some competitors, this Google developed OS already has tens of thousands of applications available. Students and business people can load productivity apps and organizer apps that will help them get work done and stay on top of their schedules.

by Lindsey Harper Mac