Samsung Announce QWERTY based Galaxy Chat Handset

What do you get when you shrink the screen size of and S3 and add a QWERTY keyboard at the bottom? OK admittedly it’s not just those that have changed when looking at the new Galaxy Chat but you can’t deny there’s a strong resemblance to the Galaxy S3 now can you?


The Galaxy Chat is a new Android 4.0 device which focus’s strongly on Samsung’s own IM app, ChatOn with it’s own dedicated key on the keyboard..

The device has just a 3inch screen however it looks slightly bigger due to the candybar shape and capacitive buttons resembling a non QWERTY device.


It’s not a show stopper by any means with just a 2MP camera and 4GB of internal storage and you have to ask the question if Samsung really knew who their target market where when they released this as it looks like it’s geared at the teen social media hungry market yet that very same market love to take photo’s so a 2MP camera just won’t cut it.

Chat is launching in Spain this month and will hit other European countries later before going LTE at a later date.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow Via: LandOfDroid