[Rumor] Google May Be Launching Google Drive As Soon As Tuesday, Offering Up To 100GB For A Price

driveHope you're not tired of hearing about the Google Drive! As the rumors about Google's Totally Not Dropbox service leak out in ever-increasing droves, it gets safer and safer to assume the launch is imminent. According to Reuters, Google may be launching the service as soon as Tuesday. Or, as they're calling it across the pond, "today."

Reuters also reports that Google will be offering paid storage options going all the way up to 100GB for a price. No word on what that price is, yet. If Reuters is right, though, we won't be waiting long to find out. In any case, Reuters corroborates that 5GB will be the basic free package.

Finally, Reuters also reports that the Google Drive will incorporate "sophisticated image search technology" to let users search through a variety of document types. We're not quite sure how exactly this system that will allegedly let users "sift through...photographs" works, but if Google can offer some kind of special search tools, it may give the Drive an edge over competitors like Dropbox. And if any company can improve search on a product, it's Google.

Then again, we're still waiting on Google to fix search on the Play Store, but that's another story.

Source: Reuters via AndroidPolice