The Rise of Smart TV, aided by Android

Gone are the days when a television set was for only watching broadcast media and channels. Similar to the evolution in the mobile phone industry, things are changing rapidly for a TV as well. No longer a medium just for programmes; televisions offer much more now.

Smart TV focuses on the Internet TV, online interactive media, on-demand streaming and so much more. You can play games; watch videos on YouTube, surf the Internet, and all of this through your smart TV. In fact, traditional feature sets are now becoming obsolete with smart TV taking over the market rapidly. These features are also integrated in companion devices, such as set top boxes.

Of course, the benefit in a Smart TV is that one is able to get many features and functions just in one device. The market of this is expanding at a rapid pace. As companies are now manufacturing sets that have all these functionalities, it is expected that almost 70-80 per cent TVs sold this year will have the capabilities of a Smart TV. Prices are also becoming more competitive as shown by the selection of Smart TVs at Richer Sounds for example.

In partnership with Sony, Google has also joined the fast-growing market of Smart TV. Google set top box is integrated with operating system based on Android and focuses on retrieving media directly from the Internet. Prior to the advent of Smart TVs, the data was presented on the TV through a cable connection with a PC. However, that is a thing of the past now. You can watch movies and videos directly on your TV through Google set top boxes. The voice-controlled set top box comes with a remote that is motion-controlled for video games. The familiar Google chrome browser makes it all the more user-friendly.

The Android platform offers faster speed and even allows Android users to use their mobile set as a remote control tool. Google TV is now bringing a whole lot of new applications and features right to your living room. With a simple and user-friendly interface, your TV viewing experience is set to change with direct content from the web.

Users can issue voice commands for functions like turning the TV on or off, changing channels and so much more from a distance of over 400 metres. Using cloud-based mechanism, Google set top box is able to execute these commands.

Whether it is about watching videos on YouTube or surfing the Android market, Google set top box blends entertainment with innovation and gives you a completely different experience. You can even set a reminder for your favourite programme or record a movie while you are out for a family dinner.

The Google set top box will also feature the Google Play store, similar to Apple’s App store. With new apps especially designed for the TV to be added regularly, it sure will get more exciting as time progresses. Google TV also offers connectivity of wired devices on your network to its free Ethernet port, serving as a wireless bridge between all your devices.

Google smart TV is focusing on providing more features with time and is here to stay. Bringing you the Internet through your TV, Google set top box is set to change your TV viewing experience completely.