Redditor Creates Mock-Up Of Facebook For ICS, We Can Only Drool

facebookFacebook’s current Android app has become the subject of much hatred from the Android community – for one thing, it rarely works properly (if at all); for another, its looks have become quite stale. Sadly, we still haven’t seen any plans for future improvements, so Redditor monkfishbandana took it upon himself to come up with a mock-up of how he believes Facebook for Android should look, especially with a beautiful OS like Ice Cream Sandwich. Facebook developers, take note:


Though there are countless improvements over the real Facebook app, a few key features have been excluded for various reasons:

  • The ‘Timeline’ lacks location and ‘studying at’ icons
  • ‘Request’ notifications have been dropped from the action bar and added to the Friends section
  • The ‘Create Event’ and ‘Create Message’ buttons are missing

Still, it’s a pretty impressive first try, especially considering that monkfishbandana claims he’s only spent a few days on it. Enjoy the beauty, because sadly you likely won’t be seeing any of it on your phone any time soon!

Source: Reddit Via: AndroidPolice