Recon API - User feedback platform in a sleek, easy-to-use package

Recon API is an API/SDK for Android developers who want to integrate a vehicle for capturing user feedback and opinion from within their Android application. It’s easy to use and implement, and relieves developers of the stress that comes with extra development and maintenance of your own medium for collecting input from your application’s user base.

Recon API automatically aggregates responses and displays them in an easy-touse web interface. It also employs charts and graphs to visualize collected data from user polls. Additionally, you can choose to receive a periodical digest of the information you’ve collected from your users so far: what they’ve said and how they’ve voted.

Basic access to Recon API is totally free, so you can get started right away; you only have to subscribe once you have surpassed your API request limit. Recon API will not throttle users and continue to record responses from them even after you’ve surpassed your account’s subscription limit. Pay only when you are ready to view the aggregation of collected responses on your dashboard!