Ready 2.0 just hit the Play Store

Ready Contacts App first appeared in the Play Store last fall, reaching 120k downloads since the launch. The app received an update today, the new version (named 2.0) marks a huge milestone. The most noticeable new feature is the complete material redesign, with terrific animations and nice themes.

Besides the new design, the app has some nifty new features. One of those is the call bubble, a chathead-like companion for making and managing calls anywhere, which can be visible all the time. The third party app integrations are also cool, you can start a call or write a message with WhatsApp, Viber or Messenger straight from Ready.

The app itself is free, with in-app purchases, you can buy themes, ringtones, the T9 dialer or the ad-free mode, each can be unlocked also by sharing the app. Requires Android 4.0 or newer. Download it here.