RCMix ICE v1.0 ROM combines Sense 3.5 with Android 4.0


Want to see what HTC might have in store for Sense 3.5 devices running Android 4.0? Take a look at the screen shots and accompanying ROM which comes courtesy of the XDA forum. Thanks to a leaked RUU (firmware file) for the Sensation and the Sensation XE, we have an early indication as to how Ice Cream Sandwich will play with the custom launcher.

To be clear, this is not the exact release that we can expect to see roll out over the next few months. The developer has made some minor adjustments to the file to help keep the leak source anonymous so your results may vary. A quick poke through the numerous pages on the forum thread indicate that things work pretty well with very few issues. It's certainly worth pointing out that the ROM is compatible only with the Sensation and Sensation XE, and naturally requires root access.

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Source: AndroidGuys