Qualcomm Stadium to become Snapdragon Stadium for 10-day period


In an effort to create public awareness over their new mobile processors, Qualcomm has announced that San Diego's Qualcomm Stadium will be getting a temporary new name. Starting with the San Diego Chargers game against the Baltimore Ravens on December 18 and running through the Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl on December 28th, sports fans will see the new name. The company has installed banners and signs all around the stadium so there's plenty of exposure and awareness during the three games played over the 10-day period.

Why the change? Because when it comes to mobile tech, consumers are becoming more and more savvy. It’s only natural that these same consumers want to understand how their mobile devices work. By renaming Qualcomm Stadium to Snapdragon Stadium, we are creating more mobile user awareness of Snapdragon processors, which in turn will allow us to inform these same consumers on how Snapdragon processors help their smartphones and tablets do more. From watching HD videos to playing console-quality games, Snapdragon processors make all this possible while still maintaining longer battery life.

Our gut tells us that we'll be seeing some advertising campaigns around the Snapdragon processors come bowl season.

Source: AndroidGuys