[Press] Wanderplayer - The ultimate mobile controller for browser games

wanderplayerThe Orthogonal Labs team announced the release of WanderPlayer - game controller. The Wanderplayer beta was launched in October 2011 with hundreds of free browser games, and this release is the culmination of months of user feedback.

WanderPlayer broke ground by being the first controller of its type to not only offer traditional gamepad play, but also support Wii style control, & tilt control (for racing games and sims).

The WanderPlayer controller now supports over a dozen games at any moment in time. "We listened to our players who wanted a new experience every time they came to the app, so we take the time every couple of days to change the games you find when you come, so that you can discover something new."


The current release not only supports free browser games, it also supports several paid PC and Mac games.

WanderPlayer is available today from www.wanderplayer.com

You can watch the demo video here: