[Press] StartApp: Four Months, 10 Million Downloads, $200,000 Paid to Android Developers


The First Mobile Search Monetization Solution Sees Incredible Growth Following the Launch of Its Platform that Provides a Guaranteed Revenue Stream for Developers

December 20, 2011 - StartApp, a monetization and distribution platform for Android applications, announces today that its platform has been incorporated into over 450 Android apps. These apps, featuring StartApp's search option, have been downloaded 10 million times in just four months since launch. Additionally, the company is seeing rapidly increasing download numbers which have recently hit 300,000 downloads per day.


StartApp has developed a monetization platform for Android developers that provides them with an upfront payment for their free apps. Developers receive between $10-$50 per 1000 downloads. StartApp's solution is based on a proven model – search monetization - with users receiving an additional search icon when they download an app that has integrated StartApp's platform.


"We are thrilled by the results we have seen thus far, with developers rapidly adopting our solution driving incredible growth in the download and distribution of our search solution," said Gil Dudkiewicz, StartApp's CEO. "We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our partners, many of whom have seen dramatic increases in the revenue they are receiving from their apps. This has led to a zero churn rate in the number of developers using our solution."

StartApp has already distributed $200,000 to its developer partners, with some developers seeing their revenue increase by a factor of ten. In addition to the up-front model, StartApp also provides developers with the option of receiving a share of the revenue generated by the search option, giving developers additional flexibility and monetization options for their apps. StartApp's various revenue models provide developers with a truly viable option for monetizing their apps which has so far proven elusive on the Android platform.


About StartApp:

StartApp is a new monetization and distribution platform focusing on free applications for mobile phones. StartApp works with app developers as partners to help them make more money from their apps by introducing search monetization. StartApp is a Cedar Fund backed company based in Israel and was founded by Gil Dudkiewicz and Ran Avidan.