[Press Release] Entertaining game classic now for Android smart phones and tablets design

reverse it

Gaming fun with Reverse It and its modern design and options

Cologne (Germany), December 20th 2011 – The classic game is released in the Android Market as a revised version as Reverse It by mobivention. Users of Android smart phones as well as Android tablet PC users can enjoy the new design and extended features.

Reverse It is played by 1-2 players on an 8x8 board. The pieces are two-faced, each in 2 shades and they are being placed alternately on the game board. The players need to place their piece on a free field which borders an occupied field in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line. The goal of the game is to enclose as much opposing pieces as possible. All enclosed pieces then transform into the own coloured pieces. The player's colour which eventually dominates the board wins the game.

For beginners there are numerous help functions which make it easier to learn the rules of the game. The help features contain for instance a repeating display of the opponent’s last movement, highlighting of the last chosen piece or an advice for the player’s next best move. Beginners as well as experiences players can measure and share their success through the new OpenFeint integration with achievements and leader boards. Furthermore users of Android tablets are provided with a customized tablet de-sign which will enhance the fun even more.

Until now Reverse It came with the following features:
- 1 & 2 player/s
- Play against the computer (AI)
- 3 difficulty levels (easy, medium, hard)
- 2 different game board designs
- Choose your own player name
- Tiles counter
- Undo function
- Sound effects
- Hints

Besides the help functions, OpenFeint and a new design the app includes sev-eral other new features:
- Save function
- Optional time limit
- Highscore
- Best possible move

Reverse It lite can be downloaded for free in the Android Market. The Gold version is available for $1.29 as well. Further features are already in progress and updates are soon going to be released.

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