[Press] Rebtel 2.0 Launches on Android as Company Reaches 15 Million Users in Advance of 'Hello Sunday'

mVoIP leader equips Android users for biggest calling day of the year on January 1st

rebtelRebtel, the world’s second largest mobile VoIP company after Skype, today announced the Android launch of Rebtel 2.0, its latest generation of intelligent applications designed for desktop and smartphones. The company made its Android app available just in time for New Year’s Day, or what the company is terming, 'Hello Sunday' or the ‘Black Friday’ of international calling in the U.S., when people say hello and ring in the new year on a day which Rebtel *reports is 64% higher than an average day in December.

Rebtel 2.0 for Android, which facilitates free high-quality calls, is available today on the Android Market. Now users can make and receive free international calls using WiFi/3G as well as the company’s local numbers network from any Android device. Once downloaded, the Android application will seamlessly intercept all outgoing international calls thereby making the calls for free to other Rebtel users or cheap to non-Rebtel users. In contrast to other WiFi/3G calling applications, users aren’t limited to their in-app list of contacts. Texts and calls can also be done to any non-Rebtel user on any phone for rates up to 90% cheaper than the standard international calling rate of an average carrier, and up to 85% cheaper than Skype.

According to research firm Canalys, Android captures approximately 50% of the global smartphone market, with year over year shipments up 379% from 2010. Today’s news is directly geared toward these users and those looking for a smart and simple solution for making free or affordable international calls and texts.


Today's launch follows the popular introduction of Rebtel 2.0 on iOS in October. Since that launch, Rebtel has seen over one million downloads of its applications. The company has also announced that it just passed 15 million users who rack up over one billion minutes in calling per year.

“In the wake of tougher times and higher Christmas spending, we wanted to time the launch of the application for the busiest international calling time of the year when what people really want is amazing call quality at free or very cheap prices," said Andreas Bernstrom, CEO of Rebtel.

Android users can also benefit from the following features and options:


For situations when the WiFi/3G connection is not good enough to sustain a call, Rebtel introduces KeepTalking, a much appreciated feature first premiered in Rebtel 2.0 for iPhone released in October. KeepTalking allows users to simply press a button on their Android device’s call screen during a WiFi/3G call to seamlessly improve the connection by jumping from data to the operator network and still be able to call for free using Rebtel’s local numbers network. The new innovation aims to increase voice quality, reduce phone bills and greatly reduce dropped calls.

Native Dial Pad Interception

Users downloading the application won’t have to change their existing way of making a call on their Android device in order to realize serious savings with Rebtel. Once the application has been downloaded and the user has signed up or logged in, the app will run in the background and seamlessly intercept all calls made to international numbers whether it be from the device’s regular dial pad or native contact list. Instead of being routed over the users’ regular carrier network, the calls will be connected with Rebtel for savings of up to 90%.

Free Calls Between Rebtel App Users

Calls to friends who are running any Rebtel application on a smartphone or PC can be made for free over WiFi/3G as well as using Rebtel’s local numbers network when the data connection is too weak. These contacts are labeled “Free” in the in-app contact list to make it simple to see who’s already using Rebtel, and who you should invite. Whenever a friend or business acquaintance in a users’ contact list downloads Rebtel 2.0, a notification is sent to the users’ device and appears on the display. Rebtel also offers SMS to any mobile phone number, with an average cost savings of approximately 60% over U.S. carriers.

Contact Integration

No more contact synching or managing multiple address books. Rebtel 2.0 works with each user’s own contact list wherever it might live. The company’s new mobile offering for Android integrates with the phone’s native address book and lets the user get started calling instantly.

Easy Set-up

With the new Rebtel application, the sign up process is reduced to one single step where the user simply connects their phone to the Rebtel network. Immediately after sign up, the user can see which friends in their contact list they can call for free or for savings of up to 90%.

To download the Rebtel 2.0 app from the Android Market, please visit the following link.