Official Google Docs app released

Google has finally released it's native Docs app for Android.


It works like it should, except a few quirks and bugs (market is getting some negative comments about compatibility), it also logs out a lot of "junk", like full gdocs feed urls, and other debug stuff which is unnecessary.
The only downside is, that it does not actually contain a text editor, it just opens the browser when you open a document (which is also a dealbreaker for some users).
If you have multiple accounts on your phone, it will always ask, which account to use to open items.


At least uploading and downloading documents is easier, you can also sync your docs now. You can enable/disable syncing in your Phone settings/Accounts & sync/account/Sync docs checkbox.

A widget is also a part of the app, but it's just a shortcut for the apps major functions.


The most useful feature is the character recognition. Take a photo of a document, and it saves the image, and the recognized text as a google docs document.

Market link