Nokia Claims Google’s Nexus 7 Infringes their WiFi Patents

nokia google

The newest patent infringement claim now comes from Nokia who claims that the Google Nexus 7 has infringed on their WiFi patents. This news comes to us from The Inquirer who state that the Nexus 7 is using WiFi patents owned by Nokia but aren’t licensed.

Nokia is now coming out and wants some royalties for the Nexus tablet and the Jellybean OS. Nokia also stated that ASUS and Google used their patents without even mentioning they were doing so and instead just did what they wanted with them. Nokia hasn’t officially started a lawsuit, which we assume is because Google would bury them. They will most likely just try to get small royalties from the sales of the Nexus 7 as Microsoft does with HTC and other smaller OEM’s.

Personally we think these patent claims are a waste of effort and money for OEM’s being a serious downfall of innovation. We can only assume that Google will either ignore it and bury Nokia in legal paperwork or just pay a small royalty if they see fit. Let us know what you think via comments below.