No more battery problems with TravelCard

travelcard battery charger

I am sure that once in a while everyone runs out of power on their smartphone. Sometimes it is not a huge problem, but usually it happens at the worst time. For instance, when you expect an important call, or having car trouble.

Good news, TravelCard solves this problem. It is an iPhone and Android charger with 98 hours of standby time. The battery provides approximately 5 hours talk time and 4,5 hours of internet usage with 1300 mAh.

TravelCard fits in your wallet easily. It is the exact size of a credit card (85,9 x 54.1 mm), 4,77 mm thick and only 56,7 grams. The charging time is short, it takes 75 minutes to charge TravelCard, but it charge smartphones in 32 minutes. The integrated Lightning or Micro-USB cable provides the charging connection.

The outer shell will be anodized aluminium, which will be manufactured in an Apple certified factory with a MFI designation.

The product has exceeded its funding goal on Kickstarter in less than two days. You can still pre-order TravelCard on Kickstarter in 6 different colors for $30-$40. According to the manufacturer, Go-Design, the regular retail price will be $45.