NFL Game Rewind Android App for Tablets Now Available

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Every football fan knows that we love to coach from the couch and now we will have the NFL Game Rewind App on our Android tablets to make it even easier. NFL Game Rewind give us the ability to watch on-demand NFL games from the 2012 season after they have aired. Based on the tier of membership you could actually watch last seasons playoff games and even all regular season games from 2009 to date. You can watch not only the entire game but also if you prefer there will also be a condensed version of each game that is only around 30 minutes.

Also based on your membership level there is coaches film available so you can see the game as the couch does when they get to the office the following day. There is a web version of this app although the tablet version has some added features. The Android tablet version of NFL Game Rewind actually has a telestrator feature that allows you to pause film and draw over it like the announcers sometimes do during the game. This is a perfect feature for High school coaches to review with their teams as well as those that are teaching the game to family or friends.

To recap NFL Game Rewind tablet app for Android has play-by-play of every game, big play markers, couches film, full box score stats, telestrator functionality, and much more. Whether you already have the service or are looking to get it be sure to download NFL Game Rewind from Google Play on your Android tablet. If you have the service let us know what you think about it via comments below.

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