New Sony phones could complete a wireless charge in an hour

xperia z wireless charger

Wireless charging isn’t really anything too terribly cutting edge. Qi Adapters have been around for a year or two, and are available for a plethora of devices. Now, however, Sony is aiming to make wireless charging faster - much faster. As in, about an hour for a full charge.

Sony’s new wireless charging unit, which is based off of a new version of the Qi standard, is said to wirelessly transfer power at 10 to 15 watts. This ultimately cuts the charge time for most devices down to – you guessed it – approximately an hour.

While there is some concern about rocking that much power in a wireless transfer causing combustion, Rohm – a chip and power company involved in the new device – says that their chips are more than ready to handle the load.

The new family of chargers are set to hit Xperia phones in the second half of 2014.

Source: engadget Via: AndroidGuys