New Opportunity for Developers

We would like to announce some great news!!
The world’s first regional Android market, APPSHOP, is opening in Hungary. At the opening phase there will be 15 million mobile users queuing up for applications.
APPSHOP is a very efficient marketing opportunity. The world’s leading mobile service providers are offering a „pay via your mobile” service too, which means customers don’t even need a bank card.
An entire country is waiting for high quality applications! Don’t miss your chance to create history with us!

The latest innovation, only at APPSHOP!
Our partner, T-Mobile now allows millions of users to charge their purchases to their monthly phone bills.
So downloading and paying for apps becomes even easier, and you don’t even need a bank card.
Why is APPSHOP so efficient?
1. Apps will be listed and categorised in a user-friendly way. Instead of the crowded, confusing global market, try a selection of high standard, popular apps. Quality above quantity!

2. The English descriptions and content of the Apps you upload can be translated into Hungarian by our experts. This is a distinct advantage in a non-English speaking European country.
If you want to maximise your sales, upload the App’s entire text file; we will translate it for free and e-mail it back to you.

3. Paying is easy. Most young people don’t like to use bank cards, or don’t even have a bank card. But payment via mobiles is convenient.
Our partner in this option is a large and well-known company: T-mobile
Other payment methods: VISA, MASTERCARD, PayPal.
How to join APPSHOP, how to sell and distribute your Apps
1. It takes 1 minute to create an account.
2. Fill your App shelf.
3. Maximise efficiency: upload your text files so we can translate them to Hungarian for free!
4. After checking your Apps, we will activate your offers. It takes a week at most.
5. Check your business at APPSHOP every day! We will also notify you via e-mail.
Hungary is a country where very few people use global services, the vast majority of customers prefer local and reliable web services. They are waiting to buy your apps (and to get free downloads too, if you offer any)
Best Wishes,
Veronika Goitein
Android Hungary Ltd
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