New Android smartphone and tablet manufacturer – Lamborghini


When it comes to getting the latest and greatest smartphone or tablet, many people aren’t afraid to hand over huge bundles of cash, often paying as much as $700-$800 for a device off-contract.

However how would you feel about shelling out $2750 for a phone with a 3.7 inch screen, 5MP camera, 4GB of internal memory and a 1400mAh battery? No? What about a 9.7 inch 1024 x 768 resolution tablet with a single core 1.2GHz processor, all for just $2290? Wait, don’t go! I forgot to mention both devices are running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).


Italian sports car manufacturer Lamborghini has unveiled these own-branded devices in Russia, made from luxury material such as gold and crocodile skin. They will be available in August, but no word yet if they will make it outside the Russian market – so if you live elsewhere you might need to pay extra to get it imported.

You may stand out from the crowd with one of these devices but personally, for this kind of money I would write myself a nice little shopping list with high-end devices from Samsung, HTC and ASUS. What about You?

Source: phandroid Via: LandOfDroid