New “BitTorrent Certified” Android TV

Most people that have at least a beginner knowledge of file-sharing have used a torrent site to get TV shows or movies for free. And most of the major torrent websites like EZTV and The Pirate Bay have shown that its going to take a lot to shut them down in this day and age. With this being said there has been a “BBK BitTorrent Certified Box” show up that is around the size of a Mac Mini.

Torrent Freak announced the new TV box on Wednesday and stated that it will be the first of its kind allowing you to stream uTorrent and BitTorrent content through your local network. There will also be a free VPN trial with the device to allow anonymous downloading from the torrent sites. BitTorrent themselves have stated that BBK is a certified partner:

“The product is from BBK and BOL is their distribution partner. BBK has participated in the BitTorrent Certification program for some time and this is their latest offering,” adding that “The program has been in place since 2008 and millions of devices have shipped with BitTorrent Certification. BBK is one of the largest consumer electronics manufacturers with a focus on China and Russia. BOL is a Europe-based [consumer electronics] distributor.”

While this looks like a great device that would do well in the current market there are a few things to keep in mind before getting too excited about the new product. One is that the company has only an email address as a form of contact and their website is registered to a company called Business Origin Ltd. Second the company is associated with hair growth products which seems a little odd for a tech related company. We will keep up with this new BitTorrent box and let you know as we find out more about its validity.

Via: Android-Advice