Multiscreen World [Infographic]

Second screen

In today’s world, consumers don’t just watch television: they watch television while playing with their iPhones and catching up with the latest news on their iPads. It is becoming increasingly rare for one piece of media to be used exclusively without another by its side. In fact, most multi-screen users have been reported to consume at least 7 hours of screen media a day.

To say that the multi-screening trend amongst users has caught-on globally, would be an understatement. With the exception of countries like Italy, France and Japan, screen usage is on the rise globally. To keep up with the increasing trend of multi-screening, the demand for interactive devices also continues to climb. Many companies, especially start-ups and phone companies, are using devices that can handle multimedia messages to market.

Now on smartphones, laptops and tablets, companies can expand their businesses from a national level to a global level. According to this infographic, provided by, 147 minutes of the day are consumed by users are on their smartphones globally. Modern technology has made this both convenient and accessible, with companies evolving their products to fit in the capacity of multi-screen usage. Under the careful dissection of information, separating the “meshing” of information from the “stacking” of information, you can get users to understand your information amongst the sea of competing digital outlets.

Nick Rojas is a journalist, business consultant, and techie living in Los Angeles, CA. and Chicago, IL. His work often covers social media, globalization, and technology. You can follow Nick on Twitter @NickARojas.