'Move Your App' Challenge Results - Celebrating 5 Minutes Break

The winners of the Move Your App Challenge have been announced.

The winners of the contest are the following apps:

1st: Pick Up Sport
2nd: Dr. Detective
3rd: Wagz
4th: 5 Minutes Break / WalkArt

Community rating:

1st: Runners
2nd: 5 Minutes Break
3th: WalkSquare
4th: WalkArt / Wagz

5 Minutes Break is 4th by the judgement of the jury and 2nd by the judgemet of the community. 5 Minutes Break will be available on the Android Marketplace in the next days.

We are very happy with this result and we would like to thank You for all Your support and a big congratz to all the developers who registered and to Snaptic for organizing such a great event. We wish you could be with us enjoying this big and tasty cake.