Motorola Car Finder

Have you ever parked your car and forgotten where it was parked? No? Me neither however it seems that the problem is common enough for Motorola to release an app which is aptly names “Motorola Car Finder”.


Motorola Car Finder Application – now you can find your car quick and easily.
Locate your car with ease. Quickly find your car after parking, shopping or traveling with the free Motorola Car Finder App designed specifically for your Motorola DROID RAZR and Vehicle Navigation Dock*.
The Motorola Car Finder automatically remembers where you park the instant your phone is removed from the dock. Audible, visual and compass guidance makes finding your car a breeze.
- Customize your view by toggling between satellite or map view
- Take a photo to remind you of your parking location
- Enter a memo about where you parked
- Record a quick voice note about your car’s location when you’re in a hurry
- Be guided by a large compass arrow when walking to your car
- Obtain walking, driving or transit directions back to your car’s location
- Remember where you parked while traveling by viewing a time stamped history of your saved parking locations (rename your location by long pressing on any saved location)
Ensure both Satellite (Google location services) and Network GPS (Standalone GPS) are enabled for best results. GPS signals may not be received inside a parking garage or building. Motorola Car Finder is best used when outdoors.

*Works with Motorola Droid RAZR and its Vehicle Navigation Dock. Support for other Motorola phones and vehicle docks coming soon.


The app is designed for the RAZR for now however there is support on its way for others.

Download the app from Market!

Source: Land of Droid