Moai Game Development Platform Beta Is Open - Same Engine Used On Crimson From Bungie Areospace

Earlier last week, announcements came out about Crimson, the first Bungie Aerospace title developed by Harebrained Schemes, andBubble Ball, the 10-million download hit game by Nay Games are both usingMoai.

Moai lets developers write games in Lua and run them as iOS & Android apps backed by cloud-hosted game services. Animation, physics, text, analytics, monetization and more are integrated into Moai and ready to use in your games. The cloud services are simple to work with and take away the headaches of managing loud infrastructure and switching between multiple game development languages, and with an open source client SDK you'll never be stuck without a way to finish your game just the way you want to.

The limited private Beta and related waiting period is now over. Come try Moai now for free, and you can get a beta account, run samples and follow tutorials to learn whether Moai is right for your games. To find out more just google Moai SDK Beta.

Gabe @ ZiplineGames