Migeran: Write iOS Apps in Java


We would like to introduce a very promising tool for Java developers to develop iOS applications, called Migeran.

With Migeran, Java and Android developers can unlock the wonders of the iOS World, while still using the tools they know best:

  • Real, native iOS Apps can be written in Java
  • The runtime is based on Dalvik from Android
  • Eclipse support for editing, on device debugging and testing Migeran apps and libraries
  • Straightforward integration with native iOS tools for UI design and reusing Objective-C components

iOS Developers can join the party as well:

  • Keep using the standard iOS development tools, like Xcode
  • Use Migeran's Automated Binding Generator to export your Objective-C components to the rest of the team.
  • Concentrate on the most exciting challenges in the project: design stunning UI components and make clever optimizations.
  • Enjoy the increased productivity of the team while cooperating with fellow Java developers

You can learn more about Migeran here.

After we give a try to the tool, we will pubish our experiences in a separate blog post.