Managing Your Android Device from PC is Now Easier: Get Started!

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With the burgeoning sales of Android devices worldwide, there is growing demand for a proper PC manager for your devices as we move into 2014. Unlike iTunes available for iOS, there isn’t any one-stop sync and backup solution as such for Android. Although, officially Android does not have a PC Suite-like desktop sync utility; a few third party vendors are offering some fairly decent applications that can help manage your Android device from your computer.

As such, there are several desktop management applications for Android devices; but there are very few that offer complete management solutions. One of the first priorities however, is to manage your phone from your computer, and you can do this only if you have access to your phone contents through it. This calls for enabling the USB debugging mode that allows you to make changes to your Android phone.

Enabling USB debugging mode

usb debugging

  • For Android 4.0 devices, Go to Settings >> Developer Options >> Check on USB Debugging.
  • In case you do not see the Developer Options under the settings menu of your Jelly Bean device, you perhaps need to unlock the developer mode. For doing this: Go to Settings >> About Phone >> Tap repeatedly on the Build Number at the bottom of the list.
  • As you tap the third time, you will get a notification that you require four more taps to “become a developer”.
  • So, after you finish tapping a total of 7 times, the Developer Mode is unlocked. You can now access the Developer Options under the Settings menu.

How to Manage your Android Device from your PC

Here are a few apps that will help you manage your Android device from your PC.

WONDERSHARE MOBILEGO (Paid App for Windows/Mac)

wondershare mobilegoWondershare MobileGo app allows you to manage everything in your Android phone from your PC. Not only can you backup your data and fully restore them later using this app, you can also manage your music collection and transfer files to and from your computer. Besides that it also lets you download apps and install them on your device, manage contacts and SMS and sync Contacts with Outlook and send messages directly from your computer. Another important attribute of MobileGo app is that it also lets you to move apps to the SD card, or export your apps for installation in other devices.

SnapPea (Free For Windows)

snappeaSnapPea is another desktop application that lets you to manage your Android device from your PC. This app allows you to back up your contacts, messages and photos to your computer. You can find an Apps list that shows all the installed (User as well as System) apps on your device. Besides that you can also install apps from external APK files on your computer.

Then you have the Contacts list that lets you ADD, MERGE or DELETE contacts from your phone. This app also allows you to import or export contacts from your device to your computer and vice versa. Besides that it also lets you to manage SMS and MMS messages on your phone. You can also add music tracks to your Android device from your computer or export tracks from your device.


mobogenie the one-stop android managerAlthough, there have been quite a few apps around, none of them have managed to make their presence felt – until now with the advent of Mobogenie – the one stop Android Manager for all sync and backup related tasks. Let’s check out how it works:

Download Mobogenie app – Connect to Android

  1. Download and Install Mobogenie on PC.
  2. On your Android device, go to Settings >> Developer Options >> Turn on USB Debugging.
  3. Connect your device to your computer via USB and wait for Mobogenie to detect it.
  4. Once connected, the various Android Management options will be unlocked.

Backup and Restore Android

One of the biggest advantages with Mobogenie is that it can take a complete backup of your Android device contents and store them locally on your PC (to be retrieved back to your device on event of any data loss). All you need to do is just CLICK on Backup (on the Home screen) and select what to backup (Contacts, Messages, Apps, Music, Images and Videos).

Allows content syncing between Android and PC

Mobogenie app allows you to easily sync Apps, Music, Videos, Contacts, Messages, and Pictures from your Android device to your PC. So, whenever you connect your Android device to your PC, Mobogenie will automatically sync and update the current status of your phone / tablet.

Allows Apps installation from PC

Using Mobogenie, you can directly install apps from APK files. All you need to do is just CLICK on and select the APK file. The app will be automatically installed on your Android device.

Besides that the Mobogenie app allows you to add new contact from PC and also send SMS directly from PC. It also allows you to download and update apps from PC to your Android phone; and even import Pictures, Music and Videos from PC to Phone

Have you got your Android manager on your PC? Share your experiences with us.

Author Bio:

Hariot Mills is a professional Android app developer associated with a mobile app development Company. She builds innovative apps for Android devices and also loves to write for blogs on the latest happenings in Android Application Development industry.