Magic Christmas Coloring Book


December is coming soon. It’s a month of exciting and cheerful expectation of the most important winter holidays – Christmas and New Year. This coloring book is a nice opportunity to look into the near future – the Christmas holiday! Do you want to get the first news from Santa Claus? Then it’s a good app for both you and your children.

This is an opportunity to draw and paint wonderful Christmas pictures. Each picture is hidden behind the bright and unique frostwork. The patterns melt away when you touch them, and the cheerful winter pictures appear on the screen. Each picture is accompanied by a wonderful Christmas melody. When touching the pictures, you’ll also see some magic sparkles on the screen. They will help you light a fire in the fireplace or the Christmas-tree decorations, and even cause the snow! It will make you feel like a real magician!


When you get tired of viewing the pictures and enjoying the sparkles, you’ll be able to busy yourself with drawing. Have you ever tried drawing on windows covered with white frost? It’s time for you to do that! You can either draw Santa, or write a Christmas greeting.

The app would like to turn the expectation of Christmas into the real holiday for children and adults!

The application is available on smartphones and tablets, and it's also multilingual.
Supported languages: Russian, English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

Download from GooglePlay:

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