Lookout redesigns mobile web experience


Lookout has completely redesigned their mobile site, making it even easier than ever to manage your account and valuable Android devices. Realizing that most users will typically hunt down a lost device from another mobile phone or tablet, Lookout has simplified the website with a more clean and intuitive layout.

Log into your account at mylookout.com from any phone or tablet and you'll be able to do all sort of wonderful things, including contact management, locate lost devices, and remote lock and wipe. In fact, you can even access your phone as if it was never lost or stolen and pull up photos and contacts. Lookout promises even more changes are in order and that we should keep an eye on their blog.

  • Pinpoint your missing phone’s location on a Google map
  • Make your phone “Scream.” Sound a loud alarm even if it is on silent or vibrate mode
  • View the recent photos you’ve taken from your phone that Lookout has saved for you.
  • If you forget your phone at home, log into Lookout from a friend’s phone and access your entire Google contact list. You can even directly call a friend on your contact list from the mobile website, and let him know you left your phone at home.
  • If you suspect your phone’s been stolen, Lock or Wipe it from a friend’s phone quickly so that no one else can access the data on your phone.

Via: AndroidGuys