Limited Edition Motorola Defy+ JCB

The new, rugged Motorola Defy+ JCB edition has just been announced, giving the accident prone and adventurous something new to stuff in their pockets.

The Motorola Defy+ JCB has been built with the help of the company from which it gets a third of its name and as anyone will know the JCB brand is usually encountered on building sites and farms, not on smartphones.


Motorola has made sure that the Defy+ JCB is one tough customer, equipping it with the ability to resist the effects of being dropped in a puddle, stamped on, scratched or smeared with dirt and dust. This does mean that the shell is a little chunkier than most other smartphones, but thankfully you still get the full complement of high end features along with some unique software extras.

The Motorola Defy+ JCB runs Android 2.3, which may not be up there with version 4.0 but is still a well respected mobile operating system. Humming away under the hard chassis is a 1GHz single core CPU which Motorola has tinkered with in order to extract 25 per cent extra processing power. This should translate into apps loading quickly and web pages rendering without much problem.

The 3.7 inch screen of the Defy+ JCB may not be the largest on the market but it is certainly one of the tougher options. Meanwhile you get 2GB of onboard storage space which can and should be expanded via a microSD memory card of your choosing.

Motorola has gone to work on Android 2.3, adding its own custom user interface which you might also find on other handsets from this particular company. However, JCB`s fingerprints are found all over the software as well, in the form of a selection of exclusive applications.

You can use the apps to turn your mobile into a theodolite, spirit level, unit converter, calculator and much more. With access to the Android Market there are hundreds of thousands of other applications to download and enjoy on the Defy+ JCB, so you could easily play Angry Birds while on your lunch break from building a sky scraper or surveying a tumbledown home.

The current crop of extra-rugged mobile phones are a breath of fresh air in a market which is cluttered with admittedly fragile pieces of technology. However, a new development announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2012 could result in all smartphones getting a bit more weather resistant in the future.

A special new coating called HZO has been created in order to make mobiles waterproof on the inside as well as the out. This will mean that if you are more interested in deals on HTC mobiles like the Sensation XE rather than the bulky Defy+ JCB you will be able to avoid damaging your handset with liquids without having to spend your cash on a model which looks as tough as it actually is.