LG "Heavily In Discussions" With Google To Manufacture A Nexus Device

lg_googleBringing a taste of truth to age-old rumblings of an LG Nexus device, the head of LG's Smartphone division, Ramchan Woo, has stated (in an interview with Cnet) that the manufacturer is "heavily in discussions" over a possible Nexus device, adding "we're working on it."

While this quote is compelling, Cnet rightly highlights a few sticking points in the deal.
On one hand, while there is no evidence that Google will give Motorola preferential treatment following its acquisition, concerns have manifested, and partnering with any manufacturer (why not LG?) would quash any rumblings.


On the other hand, LG is decidedly pro-customization when it comes to Android's interface. Woo went so far as to say "we know the customer data better than Google." Indeed, LG does extensive consumer research, but as history has shown, Nexus devices exclusively feature a pure Android experience. Woo added that some users may be uncomfortable with a pure Android interface.

With all of that said, LG producing a Nexus device wouldn't be the first time a manufacturer had forsaken its custom interface in favor of faster updates and an engineering relationship with Google. Whatever the case may be, we'll be here when and if further details develop.

Source Cnet Via AndroidPolice