LG G3: Why you should be excited

lg g3 concept

LG has recently made a comeback with some of the best Android handsets in years. Its Samsung Galaxy Note rival is, LG G Pro, is a hit phone. So is its mainstream flagship G2 among the masses. With unique features that help it stand apart from a routine army of Android phones, G2 has certainly brought the company back into spotlight. High on its success over the past two years or so, LG now plans to launch a successor to its highly popular cell phone, G2. This makes it an exciting time for tech readers and followers.

G3 and the rumor mill

The highly anticipated successor to the G2 is most probably going to be called G3. The phone is expected to have top notch hardware, worthy of a flagship for the year 2014. What has been leaked so far, and this comes without any official statement, lands it among the very best of Android. G3 needs to take on Samsung’s Galaxy S5, which the Sammy says would have a radical design, and HTC One’s successor, along with Sony’s highly popular Xperia Z successor. If rumors are to be believed then the phone is certainly going to be a beast in terms of raw power and hardware ingenuity.

Expected tech:

As the rumors suggest the phone is expected to run on an octa-core chipset, making it a performance beast. The phone is expected to grow in size a bit to 5.5 inches while it will carry a QHD screen resolution of 2560x1440. That alone should be a reason enough to get gadget lovers excited for a while. The phone is also expected to come packed with a 16 megapixel shooter. If the company can somehow manage to fit this new screen size in the same dimensions as G2 has, the phone would certainly be a star attraction and would pull many users from rival brands. The unique back panel touch controls would be an extra advantage, along with a curved screen, which could be an icing on the cake or deal breaker depending on how you like it.

Changed schedule:

LG is also preparing to change its schedule of launching its flagship this year. The last flagship, G2, is barely 4 months old and yet the company is going ahead with its plan to launch another flagship. The idea behind this change of schedule seems to be able to compete with Samsung’s flagship phone, expected to be launched this April, and the iPhone which usually launches around the end of summer season. This plan could be good news for the company as it will have enough time to compete with the big boys and create its own market.

A game changer?

Whether the phone is going to be a game changer or not remains to be seen but it certainly is shaping up to be one of the most hyped up phone in quite some time. If LG can pull off one on Samsung it would be a great deal for the company and certainly good for Android.