LG Bins Windows to Focus More on Android


LG was one of the original launch partners for Windows Phone, yet they have announced they have no plans to introduce any new Windows Phones onto the market so they can focus their efforts on Android.

They have also said they will continue research and development efforts for Windows Phone, they just won’t make any new handsets anytime soon. A spokesperson at LG has also said that “the total unit of Windows Phone sold in the global market is not a meaningful figure.” Bailing out due to poor sales it would seem then!

LG have been steadily losing profit in the last few quarters and have only recently turned a profit in Q1 of this year after a big refocus in the direction of their best performing products. Sales were still poor but the higher margins on products helped for a slight profit. So understandable why they are cutting Windows Phone from it’s portfolio really!

Source: Slashgear Via: LandOfDroid