Lenovo's X1 Hybrid Laptop Crams Customized Gingerbread Next To Windows, Calls It "Instant Media Mode"

lenLenovo has just unveiled its new X1 Hybrid laptop, which runs Windows with a twist – namely, it can boot into "Instant Media Mode," which allows the laptop to run off of a Snapdragon processor, utilizing custom software based on the Android 2.3 kernel. Ostensibly, this mode is meant for users who want to get through a long flight, or simply zone out with a variety of media, with double the battery life they'd have running Windows.


Interestingly, Lenovo won't explicitly state that the hybrid is running Android, likely because, as Gizmodo astutely points out, it isn't running actual Android. This means no Android Market or Google apps, but I'm sure it won't take long for the Android community to fix that little problem.
Little information is available about this strange device, other than the fact that it will start with an astonishing $1,600 price point and become available sometime in Q2 2012. For Gizmodo's take on the X1 Hybrid, and a hands-on video, hit the link below.

Source Gizmodo Via Androidpolice