Kindle Fire hides competing ebook apps

After some examination, it's been discovered that the Kindle Fire doesn't show its competitors' ebook apps in the App Store. This is an interesting move by Amazon.

Kindle Fire

It appears that Amazon's Kindle Fire isn't all it's cracked up to be. Nate from The Digital Reader discovered that the Fire blocks competing ebook apps, such as those from Aldiko and Kobo. Since the device uses Amazon's App Store to download apps, these ebook apps should be available for the Fire, right? Wrong. Turns out Amazon has locked these apps out of the Kindle Fire.

According to BlueFire, who makes an ebook Android app, they received word from Amazon that their app was compatible with the Kindle Fire. And yet, it's not available for download from the device. I can confirm that Aldiko's apps are available on the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.
Looks like Amazon is more sly than we thought. By keeping their competitors away from their device, they make more revenue from people that are forced to use their services on the Kindle Fire. Well played, Amazon. Well played!

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Source: AndroidGuys