Keep a close eye on your phone, wallet, and keys with Linquet

linquetWe’re willing to bet that at some point in your life you have misplaced your keys, wallet, or phone. Heck, we’ve lost all three, and more times than we care to mention. Sometimes, we lose all three at the same time. Face it, we’re a bunch of losers. A company out of Vancouver called Linquet is here to ensure that these things don’t happen again.

Billed as the “easiest and most comprehensive anti-loss solution”, Linquet is one part app and one part Bluetooth accessory. Paired together, these will both sound an alarm whenever they are out of range from each other. In other words, leave the house without your wallet and you’ll get a notification before you drive down the street.

Should you be completely spaced out and not get the notification, Linquet uploads times and location to the cloud so that you can locate your items. Need to enable a notification on the fly? Simply press the button and you’ll hear your keys beeping from the next room over.

Head to Linquet’s website to learn more and to sign up for an account. Tracking a phone is free to anyone and everyone, however you can pre-order the Bluetooth accessories where they offer them in a hardware as a service model at $2.99 per month. For a limited time, one can save 10% off the cost by entering a simple promo code – Linq10.

Via: AndroidGuys