Jelly Bean has new permission option to “read external storage”


With the android world a'buzz with Jelly Bean news after its announcement on Wednesday, people are wanting to know what's new with it. We gave you a full run-down a couple days ago, but now we're finding out some specifics, and there's something else that wasn't mentioned in the keynote: a new permission.

Now, in Jelly Bean, we're getting the "read external storage" permission. According to Google:

Provides protected read access to external storage. In Android 4.1 by default all applications still have read access. This will be changed in a future release to require that applications explicitly request read access using this permission. If your application already requests write access, it will automatically get read access as well. There is a new developer option to turn on read access restriction, for developers to test their applications against how Android will behave in the future.

So, when you hop into the development options on your Jelly Bean device, don't be surprised to see this new option. We won't see the permission in Android 4.1.0, but most likely in 4.1.1, and its intention is to keep your device more secure.

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Source: android developer info Via AndroidGuys