Jelly Bean is coming with CyanogenMod 10


When Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) was announced at Google I/O all we wanted to know was when we would get our hands on that buttery smoothness. The Galaxy Nexus phone will begin shipping with Jelly Bean next week (it addresses the universal search Apple patent that is currently preventing shipment in the US), with the Nexus 7 tablet also shipping with Jelly Bean the week after.

However if you don’t intend buying one of these, you’ll be wondering if and when you can install Jelly Bean on your current device. CyanogenMod – probably the biggest Android custom rom developer have confirmed that CyanogenMod 10 is coming soon and will be based on the Jelly Bean AOSP code which Google will release later this month.

As Jelly Bean isn’t a huge departure from ICS, they expect CM10 to come together fairly quickly and should run on the majority of devices that are able to run CM9.

Source: Google+ Via LandOfDroid