It Will Become Your Favourite Fitness App - idoo


In a perfect world there’s plenty of time for everyone to exercise. There are no late office hours, no exam time, no candy shop in your neighborhood. Well, this might not be the perfect world for staying fit, but reaching your goal for a healthier and fitter you has never been easier! Look no further than the palm of your hand.

We are so excited to introduce our brand new app, idoo, which we’ve been working on for almost a year.

If you’re a computer geek who wants to stay fit, you probably have a nice selection of health and fitness apps on your smartphone, but we’re sure you won’t be able to resist idoo.


idoo is the first fitness app of its kind to measure your performance as you work out using the sensors in your smartphone, giving you feedback about your workout and movement.

This is your 7th sense!

idoo teaches you how to perform each exercise correctly, follows your movement and supports your exercise like your 7th sense. Your idoo personal trainer will take you through the introduction and warm-ups, and then you are on your way to effective workouts. At the end of each exercise you can see immediately how many calories you’ve burned and how well you’ve performed. With an idoo account you can even track your workout history and collect idoo points that you can use later for cool stuff to keep you motivated and working out with idoo.

idoo screenshotThe App Includes:

  • 2 trainers
  • 15 warm-up exercises
  • 3 free workouts
  • 6 addtitional workouts to be purchased
  • 55 exercises, organized by difficulty levels and muscle group
  • Clear exercise demonstrations by your personal trainer
  • Your trainer moves together with you during the exercise
  • A ticking sound and your trainer’s count to help you to stay in sync with the exercise
  • Written descriptions of the exercises

idoo screenshot


At the end of each exercise you get feedback about your performance including:

  • a pie chart that shows how precisely you followed the trainer’s movement
  • the number of idoo points earned and calories burned
  • a percentage result showing the accuracy of your performance
  • the difficulty level of the exercise: (1-5)
  • an exercise count which tracks and records how many times you’ve performed the exercise
  • the number of idoo points earned: these points are determined by the level of difficulty and accuracy of your performance
  • a graph which shows the accuracy of the last exercise for both left and right hands, plotted at regular time intervals throughout the exercise
  • your average performance level

idoo makes working out so comfortable and easy that it becomes part of your life, and you will find it hard to use your smartphone for anything else.

Don’t be lazy, download it immediately on your iPhone or Android device and share the experience with your friends! Trust us, your muscles will be sore, even after the first try!

For more information visit the website of the best fitness app ever.