iPhone Autocorrect Shuts Down West Hall Schools


In Oakwood GA a small town near Gainesville, West Hall Middle and High Schools were locked down yesterday after a text message was sent to the wrong person. The text message that was sent out said “Gunman be at West Hall this afternoon”. The text was not meant to say “Gunman” but “Gunna” and was corrected by the iPhone’s autocorrect.

The text was sent by a student at Lanier Technical College, who meant to say “Gunna be at West Hall this afternoon” and sent the text to the wrong person. Authorities acted fast in shutting down the schools and finding the source of the text message and with what happened in Ohio just a few days ago at Chardon High School you can’t blame them.

There is another example of Apple products causing an unwarranted commotion. Besides the fact that the autocorrect made a huge mistake someone should tell the student that “gunna” is actually “gonna” or God forbid some proper english and “Going to be” is actually typed.

Source: www.android-advice.com