Is iOS Security an Illusion?


Christy Wyatt a Motorola Mobility Executive spoke to journalists yesterday and the highlight of the discussion was iOS security. Wyatt claimed that iOS security is an illusion and that Apple doesn’t have the control but IT for the organization does.

“There’s this sort of illusion that because the Apple App Store is curated…that they’re somehow testing for security and that you can outsource all of your security concerns to Apple,” Wyatt told a group of reporters including Laptop Magazines Mark Spoonauer. “And I think that’s a pretty false sense of security. At the end of the day, the individual responsible for security is the IT organization.”

While most third party app stores like GetJar, Amazon, and App Hysteria have security protocols in place they do seem to let more malware through that iOS devices. This being said malicious software does make it through on iOS devices they are just short lived. In comparison within the US we see little difference in the amount of malware on iOS and Android devices although internationally Android has been hit hard in the past.

Google has put in place a new system called “Bouncer” that scans the market in search of malware and other malicious software. On top of this Motorola has stated that their devices also have security protocols in place through Motoblur to keep them as if not more secure than iOS devices.

Personally we think that iOS is more secure than Android but it all comes down to freedom. If your looking for security and don’t mind having to only use features that Apple says is safe then go ahead. Although anyone halfway technical wants a device that is secure but allows the freedom of choice. In turn with freedom comes the responsibility that you must be sure you know what your doing.

Source: Android-Advice