Instagram is out for Android, here's a review

intagram logoToday, Instagram for Android was released and here is our review of the shiny new application.

My first impressions of the app were really good, and it appears to be a nice solid application which appears to be fairly stable (no crashes for me yet). The interface has some iOS elements with the bottom bar, but the rest of it looks fairly Android-alike which is really nice to see. The bottom bar was probably included to make it look similar and recognisable as being Instagram, but unlike some other applications it is actually Android-styled.

screen1 screen 2

The interface is very easy to use, so everyone can easily get along with the action. One of the the only problems is when you choose to go on your profile and press the menu, the interface seems to change to a iOS/Android marriage which isn’t very nice, but that can easily be corrected. Also, editing my profile created some visual errors which wouldn’t clear, but that can easily be done on the website instead.

Taking photos is really simplistic and easy as pie to do.

The image focuses on taking a photo, and it seems every option is there. Some people who love Android will be disappointed by the fact this is done in-app and not sent out to another, but taking photos is really quick and easy to do.

screen3 screen4

Adding filters is simplistic to do, and the buttons at the top are simple. You can turn on and off the borders, lighting setting and rotate. However, the lighting setting seems to lag compared with the rest of the interface, but it’s quite nice to play with.

To post, it’s quite simple and the interface looks simple. All sharing options are available including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Foursquare. You can also GeoTag your photos if you’d like.

Once you tell your photos to upload, it appears with a progress-bar in the main app and not in the notification bar. However, even on 3G I noticed the speeds of uploading were fast enough that you don’t need it in the bar. Also, if the upload fails you can re-try it without re-taking and editing the photo. Also, all photos uploaded (on my device, yours may vary due to Gallery implementations) appeared in the Gallery folder.

Generally speaking, if you have iOS users on the network (or your Android buddies now), then it’s nice to join and share with peoples. The size of the app is quite large, probably due to the editing back-end being quite large and there appears to be a large amount of UI customization. The icon is nearly 100% Android, just needs a small amount of editing to make that work properly.


4/5 Stars – Very nice port that’s nice to finally see, just needs pushing more to the Android-side

Google Play Link (or if it’s not compatible, cheat and download the APK)

Via LandOfDroid