inDefend Mobile Backup Review

indefendinDefend Mobile Backup is an extremely fast and easy to use Android app to backup essential data including contacts, messages, call logs, calendar, browser history, bookmarks and system settings from Android smartphone, in an encrypted form on a secure cloud server.

Usage: Keep multiple encrypted copies of all or certain essential data of your android phone on the cloud server, view and restore essential backed up data at will.


i. Backup messages, contacts, call logs , system settings, calendar, browser history and bookmarks from your Android smartphone
ii. Encrypted Backup stored on cloud server
iii. Automatic backups to keep periodic backup states
iv. Restore any data from cloud at will
v. Securely access & export backup states on PC from cloud server
vi. Selective backup & restore facility
vii. Upto 10 backup states stored per smartphone
viii. Set email notifications per backup operation


ix. Backup data is encrypted to ensure highest level of privacy
x. Backup data can’t be viewed by anyone other than the user
xi. Backup data is preserved on cloud server and can be accessed from any PC or your smartphone
xii. Automatic backup ensures multiple periodic backup of essential data
xiii. Backup Data can be exported to any PC or original smartphone at will
xiv. Ability to restore data after device upgrade or to a new device

About Data Resolve

Data Resolve Technologies is a West Bengal Company, awarded the Best Emerging IT Company in the state in TIEGER, 2012. The company was incubated under IIT, Kharagpur in late 2008 and started its proper operations from April, 2009 from Kolkata. Last year the company brought PE investment from Tristone Partners, a European VC firm along with a set of other investors to expand its sales and marketing activities.

Dataresolve offers cutting edge security products for home users, small businesses and enterprises, which help these customers secure their information from theft, misuse, unauthorized copy or share.
The core idea behind Dataresolve’s technology is restricting exit routes of information from a computer like USB ports, CD-DVD drive, email, chat clients etc. Currently, they have customers in more than two dozen countries.

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