HzO Lets You Fully Submerge Your Device In Water With No Ill Effects

hzoHow many times have you dropped a phone in water? A puddle, bucket, bathtub, lake, toilet (don't act like it doesn't happen)... whatever. Phone attracting bodies of water are seemingly everywhere, and unless you're willing to put your phone in a ginormous waterproof case, once that beautiful piece of tech meets the life-affirming liquid substance, it's usually hosed (but sometimes rice can help).

Enter HzO, a company who looks to make our devices fully submergible. This is possible by a special coating on all of the electronic components inside the device, a process which takes place during manufacturing. The best part (aside from the fact that you can play with your phone in the bathtub) is that it shouldn't add any retail cost to the device. Bam.

Did you notice the Galaxy S II in the background? It didn't even have a battery cover. Impressive.
C'mon, manufacturers, you know we want this. Make it happen.
For more info on HzO, go here.

Source: Androidpolice