HTC: We Want To Keep Our Image Positive, So Don't Expect Any 'Cheap, Cheap' Phones From Us

htcHere's an interesting turn of events: just one week after announcing a new budget device, HTC CEO Peter Chou told the Wall Street Journal that the Taiwanese manufacturer will not cater to the low-end phone market. To be exact, he said that "[they] don't want to destroy [their] brand image," so they won't sell "cheap, cheap phones" just to boost shipments. Given the ambiguity of his statements, it's hard to say what his definition of low end actually is. Could he mean they won't ship anymore One V-type phones? Or does that fall into the mid-range category given the superior construction and quality materials?

It's really hard to say either way, but it sounds like this will really only affect HTC's standing in the Chinese market, where manufacturers like ZTE and Huawei offer advanced features without advanced prices. However, Mr. Chou stated the he expects to ship thrice as many units to China this year over last, and that the company is also working to strengthen its market share in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.
Ultimately, this is a good move by HTC; customers want quality products, not budget crap. HTC is definitely making a move in the right direction - one that will ultimately give the company exactly what its looking for: a more positive association in the minds' of consumers.

WSJ, TechCrunch Via: AndroidPolice