HTC Starting Over In The Tablet Market


HTC at one time the biggest manufacturer of phones in the US, and for sure made the most phones in 2011, made about one every month sometimes two. Keeping up with the amount of phones they made was difficult. They also tried to enter the tablet market with the HTC Flyer, and the Jetstream. The tablets were not huge hits but HTC said:

HTC clearly said the Flyer and the Jetstream had lived up to its expectations but the overall numbers have shown that tablet buyers are gravitating toward the iPad.

HTC said this about being an true iPad killer:

What we’ve learned is that we need to differentiate.
We’re really trying to rethink how we approach tablets … we’re not just trying to be another voice in the noise.

As you can tell HTC, is going to enter the tablet market again but they are going to do it differently. Seems like HTC is hard at work designing and working on new tablets. HTC is going to take advantage of its features like, beats, and the Sense UI to differentiate from other tablets on the market. HTC is trying to push out the best specs on a tablet but keep the cost at a reasonable price unlike the outrageously priced HTC Jetstream. As for ICS and the Sense UI HTC said ICS does not take away from the Sense experience, and it runs well.

Lastly Gordon had this to say:

HTC has always bet real big on the latest bleeding edge technology.

So, expect to see huge things from HTC in the tablet market this year and be ready to be impressed.

Via LandOfDroid