Hpstr wallpaper just hit the Play Store

hpstr app

A new live wallpaper just appeared in the Play Store called HPSTR. As the name states, the app is about the so-called 'hipster wallpapers' - heavily filtered inspirational images with an overlapping shape. The extra twist is that while the home screen is scrolling, both the image and the filter are moving parallel to the pages, thus giving a sense of motion.

With the free version, everything is random, however with an in-app purchase ($2.49) it is possible to select the shape, the filter and the effect on-demand. Also, this makes you able to select more than one image source, and turn off the auto-update feature.

The app uses pictures from 500px, Reddit and Unsplash. You can download in the Play Store, requires Android 4.0 or newer. Available for phones and tablets.